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The Rehtek Machine Story… People, Process, Product

From Startup to State of the Art


THE REHTEK MACHINE STORY is really the story of two brothers; Stephen and Paul Reh graduated from college with an ambitious entrepreneurial “AMERICAN DREAM” drive instilled in them by their father, who had immigrated, at the age of 18 to the United States from Austria. They both wanted to build their own company as their father did before them. So the two brothers started their own shop in Westwood, NJ in 1990 dedicated to building a business providing niche parts to the sensor industry.

Stephen has an MIS degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Paul graduated with an Engineering Technology Degree from Northeastern University, achieving high honors such as the Sears B. Condit Award, membership of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and the Alpha Pi National Honor Society. Both brothers are dedicated to providing the highest quality parts, exceeding customer expectations and providing the essential core to any final product.

As most companies do, Rehtek started in 1990 renting space in Westwood, NJ…. Due to their limited resources they developed innovative machining methods to meet ever challenging customer requirements. What the brothers didn’t know was machining.. But what they did have was tenacity…They simply figured out how to make a part and made it better. The company grew each and every year “burr free”…..specializing in parts under 1.00” that built a machining niche that enabled them to reach out to a number of industries. Today, a synergy exists in which People, Process & Product yield the most challenging parts for the technology of tomorrow.

The Rehtek team has specialized in machining micro-components for the aerospace, medical, military and electronics industries that are machined with the latest tooling technology. This combination of expertise and industry leading innovation allows them to provide you with the most cost effective machining solutions. We will continue to invest in new technologies to continuously improve our machining methods and services for our customers. Rehtek is driven to succeed in meeting customer needs thus becoming a key link in your supply chain.

Rehtek is an AS9100D Registered Company

that specializes in precision components for aerospace, defense, electronics and other manufacturers who need parts that excel in extreme environments.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality precision micro components, exceeding customer expectations and providing the precision core to any final product.

Rehtek Is Driven

By the Challenge to Machine the Highest Quality Precision Micro Components


Rehtek is now equipped with specialized resources that efficiently machine and precisely deburr parts ranging .005″ to 5.0″ in diameter. We manufacture precision micro components for the aerospace, defense and electronics industries, specializing in extremely close tolerances.

We work with exotic alloys and difficult to machine materials on a daily basis yielding consistent quality parts that our customers depend on for their assembly into high performance products.

Our precision multi-task machines enable us to machine “Done in One”, the most highly featured parts are completed in one operation. Our “Done in One” approach ensures that our customer’s parts are completed in a controlled, timely and cost-effective manner.

Rehtek’s capabilities range from prototype engineering to constant quality production machining. Utilizing the latest in machining technology and video metrology; Rehtek is able to machine and measure precision micro components starting at .005″ in diameter.

“Our CNC hybrid/Swiss machining department can produce a variety of precision micro components that require milling, drilling, turning and tapping with capacities ranging from machined diameters of .005″ – .5.00″ with .010” cross holes, .002 cross section and a .020 bore,” Paul Reh Vice-President of Rehtek comments.

Rehtek Enables Customers To Think Big With Micro Components Since 1990

We digitally document every job, from quotes, special notes, requirements, and deburr notes by saving the programs, setup sheets, reference prints and digital pictures of our setup. We think outside of the print and machine industry specific part features that are process friendly for your assembly. Included in that information are detailed work instruction noting deburring and finishing notes maintaining contiguous part quality.

We keep a job pack, which contains any special tools that are required for the job. We have integrated all of this into our shop management software E2 systems MFG, so all of the information is linked to the job in our MRP system, and backed up on our network, as well as off site. All of this documentation allows us to quickly set up your job in the future, and helps us to guarantee consistent part quality from one run to the next.

This results in a high value quality part each and every production run.

Our relentless pursuit to continuous improvement in quality, equipment upgrades and customer service is evident, and has resulted in repeat business. Rehtek’s complete array of services makes the company an exceptional resource for reliable and consistent contract precision manufacturing.