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When it comes to precision machining services that require attention to minute details, few manufacturing floors are as well equipped to provide the resources that REHTEK can. A focus on up-front planning at the quote and order entry stages ensures that the most cost-effective methods are used . Our sales and engineering staff can collaborate with you on the design elements and decide which of our precision machining services is right for you. This input can give your engineers various options to reduce cost without sacrificing quality or functionality.

We know deburring is as important a process as the machining itself. For the highest precision, attention to detail and accuracy must be applied from the start of a job to its completion. We deburr under a microsope to ensure burr free holes starting at .005″

Partnering with our customers to achieve cost savings helps make the customer’s product more competitive in the marketplace. REHTEK can lend its ability and years of experience in manufacturing precision machined parts to your new designs, or your mature products, to drive out cost. The bonus is often enhanced product quality and or throughput advantages that can speed your products to market.



Rehtek Machine’s Gang Turning Lathes provide Quick Setups and Turnarounds for RUSH parts. We specializes in critical precision parts utilizing our CNC machining services to customers in the aerospace, defense and electronics industries.

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CNC Swiss-type machining provides a cost-effective way to produce complex parts that require 7 axis work including front drilling, cross drilling, C Axis and finish complete parts.  They can machine parts ranging from .005″ to .787″ diameter x 18″ Long.  They do require a longer setup time than conventional machines but the benefit is a lower part cost as quantities increase.

Our CNC Swiss-type machines have been MODIFIED to machine long slender components normally ranging .005″ to .75″ OD with 9″ Length.  We take it to 18″.  No More welding or brazing parts together. Plus we can handle .003 Wall thickness up to .100 Long, So we can machine normally Deep Draw parts at a lower cost.

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CNC Hybrid


The CNC Hybrid is a combination of a CNC Swiss and Conventional Machine, that being the benefits of the multi-task machining capabilities of a CNC Swiss without the issues of  guide bushing challenges. Parts have the value added benefit of a multi-task machine with the concentricity of a CNC fixed headstock.

Our CNC Hybrid  machines have been customized to machine long slender components .125″ to  .75″ in diameter and up to 8″ in length. These Hybrid machined take advantage of the SPEED & MULTI-TASK MACHINING capability of Swiss machines without the challenges of a guide bushing.  It’s like a gang tool machine with dynamic machining capabilities, cross drill, mill, back mill, back turn and drill.

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Rehtek specializes in precision parts that need multi machining operations


Rehtek’s “DONE IN ONE” multi-task machining from .500″  to 5.00″  improves part quality, reduces cost and delivery time. We can machine 6 sides of a part with a multitude of part features programed on with advanced Mill/Turn  Gibbs Cam capability.  This is a “GO TO MACHINE” to for parts normally stamped, we can machine thin walled parts starting a 25pcs quantities with raised and or milled features.

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Rehtek Machines’ Mill and Drilling capability is about “PRODUCTION DRILLING ” on a Milling Machine Platform.  This innovative use allows us to palletized production  drill parts .008″ in diameter and up.

We also precision drill off line on sensitive Servo Drill Presses to handle minute .005 cross drilling, taper hole reaming and detailed deburring and chamfering.  The microscope serves as our eyes with this capability.

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Rehtek can turn .005 diameters, drill .005 cross-holes and machines parts with .002 cross sections, and bore out .020 diameters. We consider micro machining from parts  .005″ diameter up .125″. We typically work with .002 wall thickness and this requires the highest levels of precision in all facets of production. From precision material, guide bushings and reduced vibration to ensure quality micro machining for your part.

Rehtek’s is focused on micro machining parts from .005″ in diameter and up. This focus allows us to deliver micro components with higher quality and efficiency.  We step in when EDM machines are called in.  We can can cross drill .008 Diameter holes on .030 bolt patterns with milled and drilled features.  This capability serves as our “MICRO DONE IN ONE”  machining service.

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Rehtek offers a number of value added services including passivation, plating, sandblasting, mechanical assembly and design assistance. Rehtek’s experienced engineering, quality and project staff will collaborate closely with you and  to insure that the job is completed within all specifications.

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