Precision Saw Cutting

Rehtek offers Precison Saw Cutting Cutting  Specializing in Alum Heat Sinks We have a Missler Saw DEB 280  capable of production machine saw cutting +/-.002 on length in 316 S/S, Aluminum, Inconel, Brass and Titanium.

Rehtek Cuts the Material in a Cost-Effective Method that allows machine shops to chuck parts, clamp into vises and reduce manufacturing costs and increase your machining profits

The goal of our exclusive ‘PRO-TEK’ Quote is to help reduce your costs by finding the most efficient method of production. This may include assembly or special packaging, or other value added services. Rehtek works hard to find every savings for you without sacrificing quality.

Precision Saw Cutting


4.250″ DIA 17-4PH cut +-0.002 on length


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