Pro-Tek Process

Exclusively From Rehtek

the pro-tek® process

Production Resource Optimization

From Your Design To Delivery

Rehtek’s exclusive pro-tek® process optimizes every aspect in the manufacturing of your part.


Since 1990 we have developed  and implemented a continuous feed loop noting critical part features across multiple industries. Every part is Unique but we have the tools to value stream map your machining process to reduce your total acquisition cost.


Leveraging our 30 plus years of Intuitive Machining Expertise, our dedicated team of skilled manufacturing engineers will elevate the quality  of your parts!

The Pro-Tek Process



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In-Process Inspection

In-Process Inspection



The Microscope serves as our “eyes on quality”.

Inspected for Cosmetics noting Zero-Micro Burr 

Manufacturing Engineers, Machinists and Operations discuss methodology to Manufacturign Part

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